The Episteme and the Ontology of a Centre for Memory Studies

  • Wednesday, Apr 7, 2021


Prof. Merin Simi Raj
Prof. Merin Simi Raj

Assistant Professor (English), Faculty Coordinator, Memory Studies Research Network, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Prof.  Avishek Parui
Prof. Avishek Parui

Assistant Professor (English) Indian Institute of Technology Madras Associate Fellow, UK Higher Education Academy Principal Investigator, Centre for Memory Studies, Institute of Eminence (IoE), IIT Madras

Calcutta Comparatists 1919 presents to you the 71st lecture of the CC1919 LECTURE SERIES.

We are extremely happy to announce that Prof.Avishek Parui and Prof. Merin Simi Raj have kindly agreed to deliver an invited lecture in our forum on the 7th of April 2021 at 10:30 AM IST.

Prof. Avishek Parui and Prof. Merin Simi Raj are the Principal and the Co-Principal Investigators of the Centre for Memory Studies (IoE Project at IIT Madras)

One of its kind, the centre is doing some excellent research work in the field of memory studies. This joint session will introduce the field of Memory Studies and aim to foreground the philosophy, practices, and current research that inform the founding and activities from the Centre for Memory Studies at IIT Madras.

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