History Beyond Chauvinism

  • Monday, Sep 27, 2021

It’s been a year since some of us conceived the idea of a research forum that would bring brilliant minds together on a virtual platform. We gathered not only to discuss research work but also to open up a new arena for conversations and exchange of ideas and this is the true definition of Calcutta Comparatists 1919.

So after a year of having some brilliant people deliver their lectures on the platform, we now present to you the 100th lecture of the CC19 Lecture Series.

Ramachandra Guha graced us with his presence on this very significant day for the forum. Our guest needs no introduction. He is an eminent historian and a renowned author of several internationally acclaimed books and journals. Some of his pioneering works include: The Unquiet Woods (University of California Press, 1989), A Corner of a Foreign Field (Picador, 2002), India after Gandhi (Macmillan/Ecco Press, 2007; revised edition, 2017), Gandhi Before India (Knopf, 2014), and Gandhi: The Years That Changed the World (Knopf, 2018).

On 27th September 2021, he spoke on “History Beyond Chauvinism.” He spoke about five types of chauvinism that plagues the researcher and how to avoid them and most importantly he highlighted the importance of inter-connectedness among languages and interdisciplinarity.

To know more check out the recorded lecture

Poster by our Co-Founder Pratim Das.


Ramachandra Guha
Ramachandra Guha

Historian and Author