Inclusive indenture, the methodology of coolitude.

  • Monday, Jun 21, 2021

We are happy to announce that Dr. Khal Torabully, eminent theorist, semiologist, poet, and writer joined us for an invited lecture at our forum. Coolitude has been a term coined by Mauritian and French poet, Khal Torabully to describe the cultural interactions of the Indian and Chinese “coolie” diaspora in Mauritius, and by extension also similar migrations. The concept of ‘coolitude’ encompasses the experiences of first-generation workers together with those of their descendants spread across the Caribbean, Pacific, and Indian Ocean islands today. The symbolic value of the word lies in both the scope it gives us to interpret the specificities of the coolie experience and its use as a comparative tool. All Coolies, irrespective of whether they went to Fiji, South Africa, the West Indies, or the Indian Ocean islands, underwent an exile from their Indian homeland. ‘Coolitude’ emphasizes their shared history. Dr. Khal Torabully spoke on “Inclusive indenture, the methodology of coolitude”. Take a look at his following books for more information:

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Dr. Khal Torabully
Dr. Khal Torabully

Theorist and Semiologist, Mauritian and French Poet